I guess you can talk about photography all day, but the proof of the pudding is in the actual photos these little cameras produce. I make no bold statements about these being of professional quality, merely proof that a Micro Four Thirds camera can indeed take a fairly decent motorsport photo.

All photos displayed here are taken as JPEGs with either with the Panasonic G3 or Olympus E-PL2. I have only used native lenses (i.e. ones made specifically for the Micro 4/3 format.), so in other words, you won’t find any misleading manually focused shots taken with an adapted 300mm f2.8 prime. Post processing is extremely minimal (if only because I’m useless at it) and rarely goes further than a quick crop and a very very light sharpen.

Click an image for a larger version

G3 + 100-300 (100mm), Shutter Priority @ 1/60

G3 + 100-300 (300mm), Shutter Priority @ 1/250

G3 + 100-300 (127mm), Shutter Priority @ 1/80


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