Micro Tip #4: Weather Protection

I’m based in the UK, motorsport photography is primarily an outdoor activity…that means I can guarantee one thing: rain. To my knowledge no Micro Four Thirds equipment is weather sealed, so whilst you can probably get away with a short shower without doing any lasting damage, you may find that it’s a good idea to protect your equipment from the elements. Motorsport photography is usually the domain of big cameras and even bigger lens, so I had some trouble tracking down a suitable rain cover for my kit that still kept all the settings easily available. Thankfully a company called Op/Tech make a rain sleeve that fits Micro Four Thirds cameras with built in viewfinders (Panasonic GH2, G3 etc) and a telephoto attached, it’s designed for bigger set-ups but as it has a drawstring end and customizable viewfinder hole it can be made to work better than anything else I’ve found so far. You can find them on eBay for around £6/$10 for two.

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